Value Increase of The House with 10 Clever Tricks

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Having a renovation and repairment is not only to make life in your house or the apartment more pleasant and energy-efficient. Such work may also entail an increase in the value of the house.

This article tells you ten clever tricks on how you can easily increase the value of your home – in the event that you want to sell the property once.

1. New painting

New Painting - Value increase of the house with 10 clever tricks

Many prefer colourful wallpapers with eye-catching patterns. However, they do not please everyone. A freshly painted home will look nicer, more friendly and well maintained and it is recommended to use bright colours. It is better to leave trends aside and to orient yourself to a neutral colour design.

However, it does not mean that you can’t put a few colourful accents by colour issues a wall as eye-catcher from the others.

2. Renovate the kitchen

Renovate the kitchen - Value increase of the house with 10 clever tricks

A newly renovated kitchen often makes the difference when you want to get higher profit in a house or apartment sale. A complete kitchen renovation is certainly not a cheap thing. However, a new kitchen is worth the money.

3. Bathroom to be renovated

Bathroom to be renovated

A beautiful bathroom is perhaps even more important than the kitchen. Bathrooms have now become downright status symbols and must offer much more than functionality – a bathroom is a place of rest and relaxation. A newly renovated bathroom adds value to the entire house more than the actual renovation cost.

4. New floor

new floor

The floor makes up a significant part of the whole living space and influences the overall impression decisively. Simple floors such as linoleum should be avoided and replaced with “more real” and robust variants – for example, a beautiful wooden floor.

Note: If you live in an old property, there might be asbestos installed underneath your floor. So, be careful! An asbestos removal process is necessary if the floor base is contaminated by this deadly material. Remember, only choose a licensed asbestos removal Darwin contractor if you live around North Australia Teritory. You can get more information about this accredited contractors from your local council.

5. Get more space – Buildup

build second floor house

Often a house with lots of space and open space solutions generates more profit on a sale. Try to keep as much space as you can by building more upwards than on the ground. Usually, there is a lot of space near the ceiling or the roof, which can be used for storage – with shelves and compartments.

6. Plaster windows and doors

window with lot sunlight

A proper cleaning of the windows and doors is the first step. In the next step, you should see if you can apply newer and more modern variants. Modern windows increase the value and save energy. Use simple, classic models that provide plenty of daylight.

7. Exterior appearance

design exterior patio

Think about the appearance your house makes from the outside – so what a visitor first comes to mind. Test yourself and write down everything that is not so beautiful and figure out something you can do to fix it later. It is the first impression of the counts, and this is not always easy to change. The facade can be quickly given a fresh look.

8. Well kept garden

house garden of flower

First impressions count not only the look of the house. It is also the environment in which it stands, which plays a significant role in providing a good first impression. It may, therefore, be a good investment to provide a bit of extra colour and scents in the garden. It is usually worth to consult with an expert. This is the right solutions – both visually and financially.

9. Water feature

pond in house

In order to give the garden something special, you can also create a pond. So your garden will surely become the perfect place to have a conversation under a beautiful weather.

10. Preparation of the visit

home furniture designNowadays there are experts for interior design, who take care of the furniture before a visit and give the property the finishing touches. Talk to an interior decorator about his suggestions and what the service costs. Involving an expert can be an expensive affair, but the sum usually pays off at the selling price later.

Increasing your property value is not a hard thing to do if you know what you need to fix. You have to go for a complete renovation project, especially if you want to sell your house fast. The most important thing is how you present your property visually to the potential buyers who come to your place.

When your potential buyers have a good impression since the first time they walk in your house, it won’t take long for you to arrange a purchasing agreement.

You can get more tips and tricks about this topic elsewhere. But you should put those tips into practice to get the best result as expected. Take it slow and start turning your ugly hut into a beautiful castle today!!